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Free Stoney Broke download!

Due to a hectic touring schedule recording of the debut Stoney Broke album has been delayed. However, fans are being given the opportunity to download a previously unreleased track!

From the 9th of April fans will be able to visit the Stoney Broke Bandcamp page and download "Wonder Why", an early glimpse into the songwriting style of Stoney Broke. Recorded as part of an acoustic session in 2006, this track was never officially released (previously uploaded to Myspace) and was not thought polished enough for sale. The track has been sitting in the Stoney Broke vault for some time, and despite some live imperfections, the track has been deemed too good to be left in the past! Featuring James Newman on backing vocals, and Dan Colliings on organ, the track was recorded at Newcastle College, in 2006. Originally written to be performed by blues/rock trio Pack Of Lies, "Wonder Why" has featured in the Stoney Broke set list on occasion, however is yet to in 2018.

The track is free of charge from Bandcamp, however there is the option to 'donate' an amount for the track. There is no minimum amount limit (so even if you have a spare 20p to spend) with all money going straight into funding the upcoming album. As always let us know what you think of this early work! Enjoy!

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