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Verse/Chorus video #6

Welcome to the SIXTH video in the "Verse/Chorus" video series!

It's fair to say that the last Stoney Broke "Verse/Chorus" video has been well received, with many of his fans commenting how much they enjoyed the re-worked version of Status Quo's "Caroline".

The latest video sees a return to original material with the Stoney Broke penned, country/blues, slide track; "I'll Be Gone". Since its inclusion in the live set in 2018 this track has become a sing-a-long favourite amongst audience members. The repetitive, catchy, chorus is an ear worm which sticks in the memory for some time!

The entire "Verse/Chorus" series can be viewed, and followed, from the Stoney Broke YouTube channel, so be sure to hit 'subscribe' and also the notification bell, so you don't miss a video! You can view the channel here.

Don't forget the details for the video will also be shared on the official Facebook page, where you can also get in touch with requests for future videos, and also leave feedback on the series so far.

Don't forget that a new video will be released every second Wednesday, at 7pm (GMT). Enjoy!

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