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"The production of his recorded work does not do him justice – if he’s playing live near you, run (don’t walk) to see him."

- Mike Rushby (MNPR magazine)
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Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Stoney Broke is a regular performer at venues and festivals across the UK with performances packed full of loop, slide, stomp, and swagger.

High quality performances, commanding stage presence, and a reputation as a hard working performer, has seen Stoney Broke receive critical acclaim, and the respect of fellow artists. 

No stranger to sharing the stage with established touring acts, Stoney Broke has  opened the show for acts like The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, The Quireboys, Chantel McGregor, Stevie Nimmo Trio, Sean Webster Band, Xander And The Peace Pirates, and Wille And The Bandits.

Citing influences such as Frankie Miller, Ben Harper, Otis Redding, Chris Stapleton, and Jeff Healey, Stoney Broke has a strong lyrical range, layered upon a driving guitar style, drawing the listener into hook laden tracks.

The Story So Far...

Stoney Broke, real name Jake Scott, first stepped into the performing limelight as one third of blues/rock trio; Pack Of Lies. The early years of the new millennium (circa 2002/2003) saw the move from practice room to performance venues and festivals. Showcasing material from influences like Jimi Hendrix, and Rory Gallagher, Pack of Lies soon attracted a loyal following. 

Original material, and songwriting, was always part of the longer term goal, and soon the band released the "White Lies" and "Nothin' But The Truth" EP's, with Scott as principle writer. 

As with many similar bands, an amicable split followed moves to university, foreign countries, and starting new careers. 

Scott completed an HND in Music Performance at Newcastle College, England, but the lure of travel, and live performance, took preference over further study.

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Following a well trodden path, Scott embarked on a two year working holiday in Australia, and was soon sampling the performance venues of Melbourne, and beyond. 

Making the change from electric to acoustic brought with it a switch in styles, now incorporating folk/country/roots and influences such as Frankie Miller, Otis Redding, Nick Cave, John Butler Trio, and Chris Cornell. Sets followed at open mic nights in areas such as Brunswick, Melbourne, mixed with opportunistic appearances at festivals, including the acclaimed Port Fairy Folk Festival

It was during that trip a track by the name "Stoney Broke" was written and, after adding his own name to an endless list of similar performers, the title was soon adopted as a moniker in a bid to stand out from the crowd. 

It was also during this time that the switch was made to Cole Clark brand acoustic guitars, which remain the stage guitar of choice today. 

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Following his return from Australia songwriting continued. In 2010 Scott took on the RPM challenge, and with this created the first Stoney Broke release; "Open The Doors, Lead In The Clowns". 

Written and recorded in the 28 days of February it was only ever released onto the social platform MySpace. The album was a collection of tracks self recorded on a portable home studio (a Zoom MRS 802). While the album wasn't to see an official release, one track from those sessions has long been held as a fan favourite; "Champagne, Lights, and Whisky". 

While the album was a small personal success, what followed was a hiatus from live, solo, performing which lasted almost five years. When offered the chance to play at some local charity events, and as support act, solo appearances resumed and with it writing new material. 

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It didn't take long until Stoney Broke was becoming a regular name on gig calendars, and in consideration for larger slots. 

2016 saw the writing and recording of debut EP; "If It Ain't Broke...". Recorded at Lovers Lane studios, Dumfries, and released in September '06 in physical, and digital formats. Featuring tracks such as "Love Song", and "Southern Cross to Glasgow Central" along with a re-recorded version of "Champagne, Lights + Whisky".

Since then Stoney Broke has maintained a relentless gig schedule, one which has covered almost the length of the UK, a return to Australia, and countless festival appearances. 

December 2018 saw the follow up single release, "Got It", which was recorded at Circa 16 Studios, Dumfries. Along with digital formats the track was selected to form part of "Jock's Juke Joint Vol 4". This was released by Edinburgh Blues Club, with Stoney Broke also performing at the launch event. 

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To be continued...

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