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Verse/Chorus video #7 + Gig roundup!

Welcome to the seventh video in the "Verse/Chorus" video series!

Following a very busy weekend of live shows it's time to sit back and enjoy the latest showcase video in the series.

Returning to the EP that started it all, this video is a showcase of the opening track from "If It Ain't Broke"; "Castles". Written about a femme fatale who exacts her revenge on unsuspecting men, it has long been a staple of the Stoney Broke set list.

The entire "Verse/Chorus" series can be viewed, and followed, from the Stoney Broke YouTube channel, so be sure to hit 'subscribe' and also the notification bell, so you don't miss a video! You can view the channel here.

Don't forget the details for the video will also be shared on the official Facebook page, where you can also get in touch with requests for future videos, and also leave feedback on the series so far.

Don't forget that a new video will be released every second Wednesday, at 7pm (GMT). Enjoy!

This week's gigs:

Friday 26th - Bannerman's Bar, Edinbugh. Doors 7:30pm (supporting Mike Tramp)

Sunday 28th - Honey Bee Blues Club, The Porter Cottage, Sheffield. 4pm - 6pm

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